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Egyptian Scarab Pendant
Egyptian Scarab Pendant

Egyptian Scarab Pendant

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For the ancient Egyptians, the scarab beetle symbolized creation and was associated with the sun-god, Khepri, who rolled the sun across the sky every evening and emerged anew every morning.

I made this necklace by drawing 6 different designs onto sterling silver, copper and brass, cutting them out by hand with a tiny saw, and riveting them together with sterling silver rivets. I used a file to engrave the lines of the feathers on the wings.

Above the Scarabs head is held an orb with the Flower of life design, with an amber cabochon set in the centre.

The scarab piece has a wingspan of 4cm and a height of 4.5cm. It is hung on a 45cm sterling silver chain.

Your purchase will come carefully packaged in a gift box complete with wax seal.