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Golden Mean Calipers

I am excited to share the latest limited edition range of JBJ Golden Mean calipers. These will be available in solid kwila wood cases, or acrylic cases.

The Golden Mean has been used in art and architecture for thousands of years. It is frequently found in nature, in the proportions of the human face, in the spiral patterns of leaves and flowers, it is a basic universal mathematical constant.

It is also known as The Golden Ratio, Phi, and The Divine Proportion.

These beautiful calipers can be used in the design process to measure and check if distances between design components are Golden Mean, and then adjust them accordingly to fit the ratio.

As nature constructs predominantly grow and create themselves using this ratio, if used in ones designs, it has the effect of making the design look more organic and naturally pleasing to the eye.

These calipers are available in the tools section of my website:


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