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Spring Renewal Series

Spring is just around the corner here in the southern hemisphere, so I have been hard at work creating the Spring Renewal Collection! I managed to get my hands on some beautiful mossy green prehnite stones and have set them in handcut sterling silver. 

Some of the prehnite is so beautifully translucent that you can glimpse the design on the back through the stone.  Why have I never used this stone before? I think it is my new favourite. 


I also managed to find some lovely little rosecut prehnite cabochons to set into the centre of some earrings, handcut sterling silver designs based on Monstera and the Fern, combined with the Flower of Life. It brings me so much joy to work with these beautiful stones, each one is so different!


 Prehnite is a protective stone, also known as the stone of prophecy. It aids in meditation and visualisation, and is considered to be a very powerful dream stone. It is said to strengthen the life force and energy of the wearer. 

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