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The Geometric Talisman Collection

Super stoked to be releasing this Geometric Talisman Collection out into the world today! The latest collaboration with my talented husband James (@ifnotforgravity).

As the central heartstones to these pieces, I have used some of the new rosecut gemstones I recently acquired. They shine in the sun like you wouldn't believe. My personal favourite is the citrine, it's like crystalised sunlight.

So many layers of symbolism in these pendants, here's a quick glimpse at the Tri Moon Talisman below:

In this pendant the trinity aspect created by the crescent moons represents Daughter, Mother and Grandmother.

It is crowned with a rose cut smokey quartz decorated with three lotuses symbolising the connection of family over time.

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  • You are a rivet maestro!! Fab work

    Maria Laidlaw

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