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Tui Skull Pendant - choose your gemstone
Tui Skull Pendant - choose your gemstone
Tui Skull Pendant - choose your gemstone

Tui Skull Pendant - choose your gemstone

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Tui skull cast in white bronze, hung on a 60cm black waxed thread binding. This tui skull  has a beautiful gemstone inlayed into it's third eye. You can choose your gemstone from the options.

This piece is part of my Organic Forms series focused on casting natural forms in metal. This is a very high quality cast with incredibly fine detail.  The tui skull has been hand polished to a shine on the raised surfaces of the skull and beak, and contrast beautifully with the texture of the piece.

White bronze is very similar to sterling silver, but is much stronger and more resistant to tarnish. 
The tui skull is 5cm in length.

Tui are beautiful native New Zealand birds.
They are considered to be very intelligent, much like parrots. Tui are known for their noisy, unusual call, different for each individual, that combine bellbird-like notes with clicks, cackles, timber-like creaks and groans, and wheezing sounds. Song birds have two voiceboxes and this is what enables them to perform such a myriad of vocalisations. Tui song also exhibits geographical, seasonal, gender and individual variation.
Some of the wide range of tui sounds are beyond the human register. Watching a tui sing, one can observe gaps in the sound when the beak is agape and throat tufts throbbing. However, ongoing research has so far failed to detect ultrasound within tui vocalisations.

Tui will also sing at night, especially around the full moon.

Your purchase will come carefully packaged in a black pendant box.

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